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Tips For Finding Student Rental Houses In York

Finding and renting your very first property with friends from a university is a very exciting experience and one that will be treasured for years to come. The student lettings market can be a daunting and stressful place for students that may not have the rental know-how to distinguish between good and bad properties. This is why it can be a very good idea to set the wheels in motion and enlist the help of a professional letting agent who can act as a reliable middleman between students and landlords.

Avoiding deposit losses and unprofessional landlords is a must for every prospective tenant looking for a property to rent, and students have to be clued up to prevent potential pitfalls when moving from their parent’s homes or student halls to private rented accommodation.

Student tenants must make sure that their deposit is paid into one of the three approved Tenancy Deposit Protection schemes and while this is a legal requirement In York, many tenants are still caught out. Deposits range from 4-6 weeks’ rent in advance, so it pays to make sure you are protected. These schemes also come with a service called Dispute Resolution, which can be used by both parties when discussing deposit deductions at the end of the tenancy agreement.

Make sure you also take the time to research the rental property market in your area before you arrange viewings; this will ensure you know what to expect regarding features and prices. Many letting agents will be happy to advise first-time renters, and there are some online resources that come in handy when looking for first-hand accounts of student rental experiences. If the current tenants are still living at the property when you come to view it, ask them for their opinions on the property, landlord and letting agent – after all, a current tenant is a prospective tenant’s best friend!

Private sectors halls of residence have become more popular in recent years, with private developers keen to get in on the lucrative student rental market. These are usually in the form of large apartment blocks, with shared communal space, similar to a hotel and usually located close to campus.

A trend that took off in the 90s is the parent purchase property. Rather than parents having to help out with their student child rent, a growing number of parents have seen it as an opportunity to become second home owners, with their child and their student friends contributing rent to pay the mortgage.

While having your parents as your landlords can be extremely beneficial in many ways, it also has its drawbacks. Consider whether you will be happy playing the mediator in this situation, as you will usually be seen as the main line of communication between your parent landlords and your friends.


The History Of York

When the British claimed New York in 1664, they named it after the British city founded by Romans in 71AD. The city in North Yorkshire was later captured by Vikings, who referred to it as Jorvik.

During the Middle Ages, it became a wool trading center and the ecclesiastic capital of northern England. Its location on the River Ouse, halfway between London and Edinburgh has put it in a significant position within Great Britain’s national transport network.

Two centuries after Henry Hudson laid the foundations for the Dutch colonization of New York in America, George Hudson financed a significant network of railways to facilitate York’s burgeoning manufacturing industry. These days production has taken a back seat, with the University of York, the City of York Council and health services being the largest employers. Tourism also boosts the area’s economy thanks to a wealth of historical and cultural attractions highlighting its rich heritage.

York’s economy is based heavily on the service industry, including health, education, finance, information technology and tourism. These account for the vast majority of employment in the area and keep unemployment at a level significantly lower than what is average in the UK.


The Cost Of Renting In York

When looking into rental prices always factor in the cost of bills such as utilities, TV license, and the internet, which can be a shock for many first-time student renters. There are a few properties that will be ‘all bills included’ which is great for students that want a fuss-free way to rent. Another cost to consider is insurance; many student properties are prime targets for thieves, who recognize that the average university student has all the mod cons. Consider taking out a group or individual contents insurance policy to ensure you’re covered should the worst happen.

Renting your first student property doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think, with a little research, preparation and attention to detail you can bag a great property and take advantage of the perks of private renting for the remainder of your time at university In York.